Buyer and Seller Guarantees

We believe in providing top notch customer service. We are confident that we can either meet or exceed your expectations. There are certain “unknowns”  in any real estate market but when the market shifts The Adam Lee Team shifts with it. We are constantly changing our strageties depending on what the market is doing. Negotiation techinques that worked 6 months ago no longer work. 

Buyer Guarantees

Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee:

We will give every buyer a high level of service according to what that specific buyer is needing and wanting from our team. In return we ask that the buyers are completely committed to our team. We Have a “Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee” that will allow the buyer to cancel their commitment to our team if we are not living up to our end of the deal. If you don’t like the service that we are providing then you can fire our team. 

Love It Or Leave It Program

Our Love it or Leave it Program is on of our favorite Guarantees that we offer. If the buyer of a home doesn’t like their home within the first 6 months of purchasing their home then we will sell it for free. We will not charge you any fees for our services. This ensures that you will be happy with your home. 


Seller Guarantees


Communication Guarantee:

There was a study done and sellers were asked what the biggest complaint they had about their agent was. 90% of all the owners said that there was a lack of communication from the agent to the owner. Our Commitment to our sellers is that we will communicate at least one time per week or we will discount our commission by $100.00 for each week that is missed. 

Cancellation Guarantee:

If we are not living up to what we agreed to do to market and sell an owners home then we give the seller the right to cancel the listing agreement so they can find another agent. We are confident that we can set real expectations depending on the specific market conditions that we will guarantee our performance. 


***Terms and conditions apply. Ask us for details on the specific guarantee that you are interested in.*****

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