September 2013 Newsletter and Arizona Market Update|The Adam Lee Team



In this Edition:


All of the market trends this month were slight increases or decreases. Nothing was very drastic.


– The Number of Listings went up slightly from last month.  This is 2 month of inventory increase

                – This means that buyers have a few more homes to look at as before

                – It also means that sellers aren’t able to price their home too high or you won’t have showings


– Listing Pricing has stayed flat since May

                – Homes are selling well as long as they are priced well


– Sold to List Ratio raised slightly

                – Home are selling for higher than the asking/listed price

                – The sellers who are realistic are selling their properties


– Days on Market is down slightly

                –  Well Priced homes are still moving quickly


– Home Prices are still moving up

                – They aren’t increasing like they were before but they still are going up.



What does this mean??  DON’T BE A FENCE SITTER!!! Get the information that you need in order to make the best decision and then make your decision.


As always,  Thank you to all that have referred us this month. We truly appreciate your referrals. 


September 2013 Arizona Real Estate Market Update

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