Steps to Buying a home


Steps to Buying a Home



This page is designed to give you a simple explanation of the home buying process. In our buyer consultation we will go more in depth on each step of the process. 




1.)    Preapproved/Prequalification: We will have you talk with one of our preferred lenders to discuss getting a loan. This will include determining how much you qualify for, along with down payments and loan options.


2.)    Buyer Consultation: You will meet with us, we will do a full needs analysis to help you with your real estate goals. We will also discuss, location, size, and price range and other attributes of the home you’re looking for. We will then prep you on the current market conditions.


3.)    SHOPPING: This is the fun part, we will set you up on MLS notifications for homes that fit your criteria, you will be able to see the specifics of each home along with pictures of the home. We will then schedule showings to view the properties you have selected as ones you would like to see.


4.)    Making an Offer: Once you find the home you love we will put in an offer. Our team will do some research to determine what similar homes in the area have recently sold for. We will report back to you with the findings and you will decide what your initial offer will be.


5.)    Settling on a price: The seller will respond in one of three ways (acceptance, a counter-offer, or declining by sticking to their original asking price). Once you agree on a number you will sign a contract and be asked to put down Ernest money.

6.) Escrow is opened: Escrow normally takes 30-45 days. 


6.)    Home Inspection: You will hire a home inspector to inspect the home to make sure there aren’t any major issues with the home. The approximate cost of the inspection is $300-$450.


7.)    Closing the deal: We will set up a time for your to close on your new home with the Title company . 




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