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The market has contiued appreciating at a fast pace. As you will see in the graphs below and the video. We are up 10k on average in the valley. Some areas are jumping even faster in value each month. Even the real estate anaylists are stunned. It’s fueled by the low inventory, high demand, low interest rates and job opportunities in the valley that are coming. 

Know your numbers:

Either on your own home or if you are wanting to purchase a home. You need to know what your price range or how much your house is worth. The annual appriciation rate can help you know what your house is worth or what it will be worth in a few months. If you are wanting to purchase the proper numbers will help estimate how large and what price range you will be able to purchase. 


Don’t sit on the fence:

Now is not the time to be a fence sitter. When a real estate market is moving quickly then you need to move with it. Don’t be left behind. YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

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Arizona Real Estate Market Graphs:


Arizona Market Activity/Solds:


Arizona Real Estate Market Activity


Median Home Price:

Median Home Price



Average Days on Market:Arizona Real Estate Market Averages Days on Market


Average Sold to Asking Price:

Arizona Real Estate Market Average Sold to List Price

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