The Adam Lee Team March 2013 Market Update And Newsletter




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The market is still going up. Price are on the rise still and inventory continues to stay low. This combo is great for sellers but not so great for buyers. It still remains tough for buyers to find a property and get it under contract. There is a lot of over bidding and having to fight over the price. We are still seeing issues arising from home not appraising for the value of the contract. One of the tactics that we are doing lately is marketing in behalf of our clients to specific neighborhoods to see if we can lock down a property for them. We are also having some success with writing letter with the buyers to help with the emotional side of seller. Point being, You have to think outside the box right now. 


On the selling side, anything that is 200k or less is selling extreemely fast. Over 200k is still selling quickly according to years past but most of the time it’s not within a day. 


Spring and summer are great times to put your house on the market. Springs picks up and summer speeds up even more. 


Know your home Value. It’s important to know the value of you home. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home it’s important to know how much your investment has risen. Also, A lot of homeowners don’t know that they have equity. Fill out this quick form and we will run a market analysis on your home for FREE





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