May 2013 Newsletter and Arizona Market Update







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The Market has continued to climb. We didn’t see as big of a jump from March to April as we did from February to March but we still saw an increase. Market activity on the other hand has increased a lot and will continue to climb during the summer months. Summertime is normally the fast moving time for Arizona Real Estate. The kids are out fo school and it’s a better time to try to move for most people. The downside is that if you are purchasing a home you are now going to have even more competition than you did just a few months ago. If you are selling then it’s a great time to try to sell your home. Like always, KNOW THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME!!!! Don’t take Zillow’s zestimate as what your home is worth. 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be off. Sometimes I’ve seen it off by 30k+. We can help you to know your homes value.  Regardless if you are interested in selling or refinancing it’s imperative that you know the value of your home.

THANK YOU for all of the referrals in April. We truly appreciate you being willing to stamp your name to ours. We are always grateful for the opportunity to earn the right to be your friends, family and co-workers’ advocate in real estate. 

Have a great month and if there is anything that we can help you with please let us know. 


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Arizona Real Estate Market Activity


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